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UHealth Fitness and Wellness Center Launches New Fitness Program for Parkinson’s Patients | Miller School of Medicine | University of Miami.

With the aid of a grant from the National Parkinson Foundation, the UHealth Fitness and Wellness Center is launching a new program, Cycle for Parkinson’s, designed to decrease patients’ symptoms and lead to a better quality of life for those afflicted with the degenerative neurological disorder. The $22,000 grant enables the program, which began June 29, to be offered free of charge.
Cycle for Parkinson’s is a stationary cycling class designed from a Cleveland Clinic research study in which Parkinson’s patients reported up to a 35 percent decrease in their symptoms after participating in a cycling program.
“In an effort to reach more patients within the UHealth System, we are integrating new clinical exercise programs at the UHealth Fitness and Wellness Center,” said Brittany Dixson, M.S., a certified personal trainer and health fitness specialist at the facility who will be managing the program. “Programs like Cycle for Parkinson’s enable doctors to refer their patients directly to specialized programming in the local community.” 635768894717288480-parkinson2
Dixson worked with Tony Musto, Ph.D., Director of Fitness Programs, and Raeah Braunschweiger, another health fitness specialist, to design the program and secure the grant.
The program offers rolling enrollment throughout the year. Its 60-minute sessions are held twice each week at the UHealth Fitness and Wellness Center, located on the ninth floor of the Clinical Research Building. Parking is available for just $2 per session. All participants must receive clearance and a referral from their physician before enrolling in the program.
According to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, almost one million Americans are afflicted with the disease that causes slowed physical movements and loss of motor skills, and almost 60,000 new diagnoses occur each year. Locally, the South Florida chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association reports that the disease affects more than 7,000 Floridians statewide.
To sign up for Cycle for Parkinson’s or for more information about the program, contact the UHealth Fitness and Wellness Center at 305-243-7802 or email


FAMILY WORKOUT: Angela Alvarado, a health coach instructor at the UHealth Wellness Center, helps Claire Hackett, left, and her husband, Bob Hackett, cycle with a small group of people with Parkinson’s participating in a new cycling exercise class. Studies say exercise, like cycling, proves beneficial to Parkinson’s patients. PETER ANDREW BOSCH MIAMI HERALD STAFF


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